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The following subjects will be discussed during this presentation.

  1. Introduction to allopathic MSK drug management strategies
  2. Introduce treatment targets and guiding principles of the clinical drug selection in acute and chronic MSK injuries.
  3. Exploration of the 3 major DRUG CLASSES involved in drug management of MSK injury and Concussions:
    1. OPIOIDS (with a focus on new regulations in prescribing opiates in pain management)
    2. NON-OPIOIDS (Focus on the family of NSAIDS and how they differentiate in clinical use)
    3. ADJUVANT treatments:
      1. The emerging role of cannabis in MSK pain management.
  4. Injection Treatments: 
    1. A brief discussion of ‘Non-traditional’ approaches in MSK treatment using injections (including PRP, Steroid injections)

All drug discussions will include:

  • Supportive clinical studies
  • Discussion of clinical indications of use, contra-indications of use, side effects of drug use and herb/nutrient interactions.