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Course Description

Part I of this presentation will review statistics about suicide, and cover some phenomenological aspects of this worrisome and extreme manifestation of mental distress (a.k.a., often referred to as psychache or mental pain). Part II will explore the published literature that has identified lipid  abnormalities, omega-3 essential fatty acid deficiencies, abnormalities of kynurenine pathways, and lithium levels in drinking (tap) water to that of suicide. This information will form the basis of a potential panel of biologic substrates that clinicians could evaluate for with the ultimate aim of lessening any patient’s vulnerability to completed suicide. Then the focus will be on specific orthomolecular (micronutrient) and botanical treatments that might be able to reduce vulnerability to suicide. Part III will focus on the patient and how best to evaluate and navigate the clinical complexities when a patient expresses suicidal ideation. A video of the presenter will be played that simulates a clinical encounter with a suicidal patient. The video will also demonstrate how to collaboratively work with the patient on safety planning. Time will be allotted for the audience to ask questions.

Resources for Part III:

1.      “Policy Statement – Assessing Suicide Risk – Final”

2.      Simulated video clinical encounter with a suicidal patient, including safety planning.