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Course Description

  1. Review the process of the body getting ready for labour; effacement and dilation.
  2. Discuss naturopathic treatments that are available to help facilitate the labour process.
  3. Describe naturopathic induction options to avoid a medical induction.
  4. Explain doula care and how it can support those in labour. Doula support minimizes interventions and produces more positive birth outcomes. Show research.
  5. What to do if a labour “stalls”?
  6. Breakdown cascade of interventions and what that looks like.
  7. Show body positions and techniques that can be helpful in labour.
  8. Touch on emotional aspect, releasing fear, and letting the labour process happen.
  9. Importance of skin-to-skin post delivery.
  10. Occurrence of PP depression and how to support.
  11. Discuss jaundice in newborns, how to prevent, and the stress on families.
  12. How to support low milk production.
  13. Discuss concept of It Takes a Village and the isolation new parents are experiencing.
  14. Share clinical pearls and cases.