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Course Description

Introduction (20-30mins)

·         Case presentation

·         Prevalence (rates of Schizophrenia unusually high in Canada)/ economic/financial burden in Canada


·         Drug Abuse and Psychosis

·         Defining Psychosis: The Evolution of DSM-5 Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders

Diagnostic criteria / multidimensional model of schizophrenia: positive/negative/cognitive/mood/suicidality

·         Explain Pathophysiology/ Dopamine pathways

·         Goals of treatment/Treatment options/ Nonpharmacological Interventions/ Pharmacologic Interventions

·         Non-Antipsychotic Agents (benzodiazepines/ LITHIUM/ ANTICONVULSANTS

·         Antipsychotics: Conventional/ first generation antipsychotics & Atypical / second generation antipsychotics

·         Novel treatment/ alternative treatment approach (e.g. Oxytocin)

*In the discussion of each drug class, the following information will be included:

1. Feature Drug’s name (generic + brand)

2. Clinical Indications of use

3. Important Pharmacokinetics of these drugs (in areas of absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion)

4. Pharmacodynamics of the drug(s) (common mechanism of action)

5. Therapeutic dosage ranges

6. Cautions / Contraindications of use (Drug / pathology)

7. Adverse reactions (including any recent re-calls / Health Canada warnings)

8. Interactions with Herbs / Nutrient depletions